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Why choose us

We help equestrians and active adults feel their best while empowering them to do the things they enjoy the most.

We provide 1-on-1 individualized personal training programs and soft tissue work. Our goal is to be able to provide long-term solutions to help you feel strong yet supple so you can have the best ride of your life!

Improve strength, ENDURANCE, balance, mobility and recovery

Training & soft tissue to improve performance & boost recovery


Strength/ TRAINING

Online/ in-person training

1-on-1 sessions

24/7 Guidance, support & ACCOUNTABILITY

customized programing

Common benefits

training has been shown to help improve strength, body awareness/ proprioception, balance / stability in the saddle, and improved endurance for longer rides.


Soft tissue/Stretching

Our techniques





muscle soreness relief

improve recovery

reduce inflammation

alleviate stress

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Who we are

Back Into the Saddle is not your average personal trainer/ massage service We’re committed to providing our clients with long term solutions to improving their performance and recovery, while also giving them the opportunity to become their best self.

Our training and treatment is centered around educating and empowering our clients with individualized assessments and customized programs. We want to help you feel stronger and more supple and get back to chasing your goals.

We’ll work with you to create a program that helps improve your performance, boost recovery and focusses on overall health so you can back to doing what you love!

FRom the horse’s mouth

“Thank you for your time and patience, I know how much it means these days… I am now able to move my hips better and feel more connected. With my horse!” - R.N.

“This [program] is so unbelievably comprehensive and far more than I expected! You're truly far too kind and I can't thank you enough.” - S.R.

“I literally cannot thank you enough - my back/shoulder ‘weirdness’ feels GREAT today - it's such a relief!” - C.E.

“we really appreciated how knowledgable you are in sports medicine/musculature - we all feel so energetic and great today.” - S.H.R.

About Me

Hi, I am Desiree! I was once told never to ride again.

So i did what every horse person tells another, “If you fall, dust yourself off and climb back on.”

I chose to learn all i can about body mechanics and how equestrians should move and recover so they can have a long healthy life in and out of the saddle.

I grew up riding horses here in Southern California as a member of Blue Shadows Mounted Drill team. I spent my childhood riding as much as I could. I spent my free time enjoying the traiils and competitions here in california and nevada. I continued riding until my fall and the late passing of my sweet horse sugar. (My heart horse)

I understood that I had to take care of myself as well as I did my horse if I wanted to be able to enjoy these things for a lifetime.

I began strength training which gave me the confidence, strength and endurance to get back into the saddle. I challenged myself which meant I needed to place more emphasis on recovery. I found restorative strategies such as soft tissue work really helped. I found myself more relaxed in the saddle. My riding improved because I was more supple, body aware, & kept a better seat.

-Desiree & sugar

I am an equestrian at heart and a healer by profession.

I have spent the last 10 years training myself and others. my PHILOSOPHY is to be a lifelong learner, and to always lead by example. I’m currently finishing my doctorate degree in chiropractic which I plan on running a practice focussed on helping other riders like you & I get back into the saddle,

If you’re like me, you value the importance of self care. I will guide you on your journey so you can do the things you enjoy pain-free. You will realize that what began with the goal of just getting “back into the saddle,” will soon lead you to enhanced quality of life.

Suddenly,you notice that you’re not winded as easily doing what seem like simple tasks. Activities such as using stairs/mounting blocks don’t hurt your knees, long rides don’t hurt your hips as much and now you’re getting better sleep because you’re focussing on taking care of yourself.

My aim is to leave you feeling better, feeling empowered knowing that I have given you the tools you need to help reach your goals. Whether it is riding horses, playing golf or being able to play with your kids,

let’s get you “back into the saddle!”

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We prioritize your goals, needs and help develop a plan centered around you.

We provide the tools you need to get you back to doing the things you love and excel at what you do. We provide hands on treatments and guidance to help facilitate your results.

We work to Empower you through movement, educate you THROUGH your journey and help build the skills that carry over to your events.

At B.I.T.S., we aim to get you back to doing the things you love.

Our Mission

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